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Smart self-assessment of muscle fatigability.

System to monitor, in free, living conditions related with muscle fatiguability as an dynamic marker of an older person’s physical reserve capacity and resilience


Currently, no project results or pictures are published due to a pending patent filing.

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Fatigability in Outcomes to monitor Resilience Targets in Older persons

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the next 30 years the world’s population aged 60+ years is expected to be as high as 2 billion, growing up from 900 million in 2015; although the benefits of a longer life span are undisputable, it is of utmost importance that these are experienced with as much good health, functionality, and quality of life as possible. Loss of intrinsic capacity is a common health condition associated with ageing, which leads older adults to require significant help from others, and the rapid increase in population with functional decline introduces significant pressure on current social and healthcare structures, due to the escalating costs and demand for their services.

As in most health conditions, early identification and monitoring of decline is key to a better management, also contributing to prevention when possible. However, existing technologies focus on the detection of symptoms of frailty and dependency, thus putting a diagnosis at the moment that frailty or its consequences are a fact. Our consortium aims to avoid this.


What’s our goal?

FORTO aims at developing a user-friendly device and supporting system for self-assessment of muscle fatigability in older persons. Early changes in health are difficult to assess as measurements that currently exist are insufficiently sensitive for changes. FORTO allows to identify small changes in intrinsic reserves. FORTO can be used for a variety of applications like acting as an early warning system for deterioration of the general health status long BEFORE it can be detected by other methods. FORTO can also be applied to monitor and detect delayed recovery in older patients when dismissed from the hospital (e.g. after acute infection or fracture).



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We’ve only just begun.

The system will allow self-assessment of muscle fatiguability by measuring the maximum force elderly people can apply and sustain until their handgrip strength drops to 50% of its maximum.